Jamaica's debut appearance at U-19 Lacrosse World Cup halted by Covid spread

Voice of Jamaica Lacrosse Association president Calbert Hutchinson

Jamaica’s debut appearance at the Under 19 Lacrosse World Cup has been put on hold as the quadrennial tournament has been postponed due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. The tournament was set for July 9-18 in Limerick, Ireland with Jamaica as one of the 32 teams to play in the competition.

The governing body for the sport, World Lacrosse has announced that in April they will decide which month the tournament will be held during 2021. Ireland currently has over 1,500 confirmed cases of the virus, while there have been 9 reported deaths.

President of the Jamaica Lacrosse Association, Calbert Hutchinson reacted to the news. “I think it’s the right decision considering the vicious virus that is affecting the world right now. Even if it slows down in two or three months’ time, I think the economic impact that it’s going to have on our programme and other programmes around the world is going to be devastating,” said Hutchinson.

Hutchinson also spoke about the economical downfall of the sport as a result of the spread of the virus globally.

“The virus has crippled our programme in terms of our revenue source and equipment source as well. All of our revenues come by way of international groups coming in to work with us during our summer and winter programmes and a percentage of what they pay to come goes towards our programmes. Our equipment comes through the ports as well; everything is donated and we have to get them in. That has been halted as well. So we just have to wait until all of this (spread of Covid 19) comes to an end before we get back on out feet.



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