JCA awaiting reports on wet pitch fiasco at Sabina Park

Following the last Thursday's wet pitch fiasco at Sabina Park, the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) is now awaiting submission of reports in order to determine who was at fault for the hold-up of the regional four day game between the Jamaica Scorpions and the Trinidad and Tobago Red Force. The January 10 incident is still fresh in the minds of Jamaicans as the 4-day match between the Scorpions and the Red Force was held-up for over 4 hours because the pitch was deemed not suitable for play.

Meanwhile, president of the Jamaica Cricket Umpires Association Norman Malcolm is adamant that the officials on duty acted within the laws of the game. The umpires on duty were heavily criticized after waiting until the completion of the 5th over to suspend play, with some supporters questioning the decision to start play in the first place.

Sabina Park was also the venue for the 1998 abandoned first test between the West Indies and England because of what was deemed to be a dangerous pitch.

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