JCA boss responds to announcement of imminent challenge

Jamaica Cricket Association president Wilford “Billy” Heaven has responded to the
announcement of an imminent challenge to his presidency by former national player and second vice-president Mark Neita. Heaven says he remains the man the right man to lead local cricket's governing body.
His comment comes as a retort to a recent  announcement from Melbourne Cricket Club's president Mark Neita.

President and former national player Mark Neita that he will be challenging for the presidency of the JCA at its next AGM. Neita said at the  recent Melbourne Cricket Club  awards that the country's cricket was doing poorly and that the time for change was now. 

But Heaven who has been JCA president since 2013, sees things differently and says he has the backing of the JCA members for a third term. Ironically, like it was in 2016, Heaven will again be challenged by another member of his executive. Then, he beat back the challenge of secretary Fritz Harris to win a second term. The next JCA elections is consitutionally due at the end of January. 

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