New IAAF rules could affect controversial South African athlete

South African Caster Semenya's long and controversial reign as the queen of middle distance running looks set to end this year not by a track rival but by a new hyperandrogenism rule that will stop her from running 800 and 1500 meters races. The IAAF will publish new rules on Thursday to prevent women with the condition, which produces higher than normal levels of testosterone and is deemed by the governing body to give them an unfair advantage, from running distances from 400m to the 1500meters

The IAAF would allow them to compete at the international level only if they took medication to reduce naturally occurring levels of testosterone. But according to prominent sports scientist Ross Tucker, Semenya could run up to seven seconds slower under new rules requiring her to lower her natural testosterone levels to race internationally
Under rules due to be announced on Thursday morning by the IAAF, the world athletics governing body, a separate female classification for an athlete with differences of sexual development, or DSDS, will be introduced. The IAAF Council announced last month that the changes could come into force on November 1.


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