Pitterson Nattie regrets parting of ways with Netball Jamaica

Oberon Pitterson Nattie, outgoing coach of Jamaica's senior netball team (known as the Sunshine Girls), has described as "regrettable and unfortunate," Tuesday's decision by Netball Jamaica to terminate negotiations with her for a new contract.

Pitterson Nattie told RJR Sports that the negotiations, which started a few weeks ago, were stalled due to a clause in the draft contract, which would have resulted in her having to give up a portion of her salary package at her current place of employment, when on tour with the team.

The coach said the clause, which caused the breakdown in negotiations, was deemed "non-negotiable" by Netball Jamaica.

Pitterson Nattie has affirmed her continuing commitment to the national team and the sport of netball, despite the decision by Netball Jamaica to terminate her appointment.

No rush

Meanwhile, Karen Anderson, General Manager of Netball Jamaica, has declared that Netball Jamaica is in no rush to find a new permanent coach for the senior national team, ahead of the Commonwealth Games, which start on July 23.

The Commonwealth Games are 140 days away and Anderson believes there is ample time to appoint a permanent coach while the team is in preparation.

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