PLCA gets go-ahead to continue seeking sponsorship for RSPL

This could be the final season of the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) seeking sponsorship for the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL). The PLCA were asked to cease and desist by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) in May but has since been given the greenlight to continue what they have been doing for over a decade.

It created bad blood between both parties when the JFF told the PLCA to cease and desist on their sponsorship and marketing role for the Premier League. A steering committee was also put in place to take on the responsibility but with time constraint, the JFF had to put the committee on hold and the PLCA was again asked to get sponsors.

But despite the steering committe being put on hold for now, it could very well take over from the PLCA next season. The new season of the Red Stripe Premier League is set to kick off on Sunday, Spetember 1.



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