PLCA to continue seeking sponsorship for Premier League

Despite a pronouncement last week from Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) General Secretary Dalton Wint that a JFF steering committee could take over the job of seeking sponsorship for the Premier League Competition, the body currently responsible for doing so, the Premier League Clubs Association PLCA), says that will not be the case.

A cease and desist order was given to the PLCA by the JFF General Secretary Dalton Wint. The cease and desist order has since been lifted with the PLCA once again in charge of sponsorship. According to PLCA chairman Mike Henry, there was no way they were going to sit aside and watch the JFF run the show.

According to Henry, after constant dialogue with JFF president Michael Ricketts, he got the feeling there is a disconnect with the General Secreatry. Referees payment has been a stumbling block for the PLCA but they are trying to get the JFF to foot the bill from the yearly FIFA Grant for the top league in the country.

According to Henry, ensuring the integrity of the league, requires the JFF and not the PLCA to foot the bill. Henry took over as the PLCA chairman following the death of Edward Seaga but while some members were calling for a younger leader, Henry comes in at 85, just 4 years younger than Seaga. The Premier League is scheduled to kick off on September 1.


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