SBF teams bracing for new rule to be effected next season

With the schoolboy football season set to kick off in just over two weeks' time, schools are now bracing themselves for a new rule which will come into effect next season. The transfer quota system is set to start affecting teams starting in 2020. Though the new quota system regarding athlete transfers isn't expected to start affecting schoolboy football until next season, teams would likely have already begun reshaping their programmes to ensure they don't breach the new rules.

President of the Inter Secondary Sports Association (ISSA) Keith Wellington says while players won't be affected this season, those same players could be in breach next season. Despite St Elizabeth Technical being one of the more traditional schools which would have the resources to facilitate a number of transfers, coach Omar Wedderburn says they'll not be affected.

The schoolboy football season kicks off on September 7. And while reiterating ISSA’s stance that they are not in the business of running schoolboy football for an entire year,  Wellington says they would be willing to partner with the JFF on this matter.

The local schoolboy football season runs from September through to November and it is felt more playing time is needed to help the players make the transition to the senior ranks and be on par with their peers across the world.

But Wellington says ISSA caters to the overall development of the young players including their academic and social development. Wellington who is also principal of STETHS, says ISSA is willing to work with football's local governing body to help develop the young players beyond the three month season.



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