Spencer to know fate on June 15 for alleged doping violation

By Kayon Raynor 

Commonwealth Games 400m hurdles champion Kaliese Spencer should find out on June 15 whether she will escape a 4 year ban for a doping violation. This after her two-day anti-doping hearing before the Kent Gammon-chaired independent panel ended on Tuesday at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

Spencer's friend of 12 years Christine Day, Christine's sister Janeek and her former coach Bert Cameron also took the witness stand.

In 90 minutes of cross examination of Spencer, who was giving evidence for a second straight day, JADCO's attorney Lackston Robinson tried to establish inaccuracies in the hurdler's witness statement  as it relates to April 27, 2016, the date in question when she was alleged to have evaded or refused to give a sample for testing to JADCO at the Stadium East track.

Robinson also insisted that Spencer's coach at the time, Bert Cameron had advised her that JADCO’s  team has selected her for testing.

But the hurdler insisted she only spoke with her coach and roommate Christine Day about their then upcoming competitions at the Drake and Penn Relays respectively.

Spencer also revealed that JADCO's officials usually approached her directly during her one hour window submitted on her whereabouts form, for her to sign the notification form for testing. She said she had indicated between 6:00 am and 7:00 am on the date in question for testing.

Spencer's representive, American attorney Paul Greene, who objected on a number of occasions to Robinson's line of questions, established in re-direct that Spencer did not intentionally try to deceive the Kent Gammon-chaired panel or JADCO in her written statement.

"All of them under oath, admitted that she was never notified under the WADA international standards under article 5 and that was clear in her testimony; they all admitted that she was never notified by anyone from JADCO," Green told RJR Sports.

Spencer revealed that after leaving the stadium, her agent Marvin Anderson called to say she needed to return to Stadium East for testing drug testing by JADCO. She said Anderson called again to advise she should to go to JADCO's office instead. She testified that she met up with Riker Hylton on the road and arrived at JADCO between 9:00  and 10:00 am.

But Robinson noted that was contrary to her written statement that she drove to JADCO with Christine Day.

Christine Day, who was also called to the witness stand by Greene, testified that Spencer was committed to a clean sport and that she was an honest athlete.

Day, who was the fifth witness called to the stand, testified that herself, Spencer and Hylton met at the stadium and then went to JADCO's office.

Coach Cameron who was called to the witness stand by Greene, said he did not speak with JADCO's Tajae Smith about Spencer being selected to be tested at anytime on the morning of April 27, contrary to Lackston Robinson's prodding.  

Robinson pressed coach Cameron to confirm that Spencer said she was not going to do any drug test because she was there all morning and no one from JADCO told her they were there to test her. But Cameron said that was totally false.

Janeek Day who also took the stand, testified that she did not see Spencer being notified by JADCO officials that she was to be tested. 

Under cross examination by Robinson, Janeek said she did not remember being next to Spencer at all times on April 27 to be sure she was not notified.

On Monday's first day of the hearing, three persons from JADCO, Executive Director Carey Brown, sample collection and testing manager Tajae Smith and chaperone Wilbert Rowe testified. Spencer also started her testimony on Monday.



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