St Jago's team manager outlines strategies to avoid overwork of athletes

Voice of St Jago's girls track and field team manager Jeffrey Gordon

Jeffrey Gordon, the St Jago High School girl's track and field team manager has outlined several strategies the Inter Secondary School's Sports Association (ISSA) could take in their bid to cut down on the over-work of athletes.

Gordon is of the view that despite ISSA's rule changes, athletes are still open to overwork, especially those who might have to run four finals on the final day of ‘Champs’.

He also made some recommendations. “We can easily move the 100m to Tuesday, Wednesday and in my opinion, they’ll get more revenue. If you have the 100m finals on a Wednesday, the crowd will come because they would want to see it. Move the 400m finals out of Saturday and have in on Thursday so you will have another big final on Thursday and that will draw even more crowd,” said Gordon who was speaking on Wednesday’s edition of Sports Grill on Hitz 92 FM.


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