Stakeholders express outrage at ISSA transfer rule changes

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Simon Preston

Strong opposition is mounting following the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association's (ISSA) decision to amend its transfer rules in a move it says will help to restrict the negative impact being created by the transfer of student athletes between schools. Transferred students will not be allowed to participate if transferred among member schools more than once.

School teams will have a limit or quota placed on the number of transferred students for various ISSA-run competitions. Against this background, each student will only be regarded as part of the receiving school's quota for a competition if they had previously registered with another member school for the said sport for which he or she is being registered.

The quotas will see football, cricket and hockey being allowed three transferred students, netball, volleyball and basketball allotted two students, swimming and table tennis one student while track and field will be allowed two athletes per class.

Students who move from one member school to another as of January 1, 2019 will be subject to the quota system for all ISSA competitions with effect from January 1, 2020. However, some stakeholders are already expressing strong disagreement with the proposed rule changes.


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