Technical Leader says Commonwealth Games still relevant to Jamaica

Voice of Jamaica's track and field Technical Leader Maurice Wilson

Technical leader of Jamaica's track and field to the recent Commonwealth Games, Maurice Wilson says the Games remain relevant to Jamaican track and field. The relevance of the Commonwealth Games to Jamaica's top track and field athletes has often been questioned in the past.

But with Jamaica’s recent struggle in the sprints in Australia, where the country failed to win a gold medal in the men's and women's 100 and 200 meteres as well as the sprint relays, the question is being asked as to whether or not the Games taken on a new signifcance for Jamaica's athletes.

“Most of the world class athletes were there apart from the Americans and a couple of the Europeans and the athletes distinguished themselves well. So this is now a platform for us to build on. I’m quite sure that their confidence has been elevated. I think the Commonwealth Games would have served a very important purpose for our athletes in terms of confidence building and I think we are going to see our performances improve or even much better than performances before,” said Wilson.


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