TTJ boss outlines plans for new term

Table Tennis Jamaica president Godfrey Lothian says the work continues following the his 71-4 win over challenger Karen Sinclair-Lym at the association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the weekend. Lothian says among the list of things to do in short order is to secure a venue where the national team can practice.

Meanwhile, RJR Sports understands that there are several clubs and affiliates who could seek legal audience as they felt Saturday's AGM and election were not held in-line with the association's constitution. Challenger Karen Sinclair-Lym was first to point out that there was not enough clubs and affiliates present to convene an election as at the start of the meeting.

Only 58 persons were present with the constitution speaking about a two thirds majority of clubs and affiliates constituting a quorum for the commencement of an AGM. Another issue was about the change in venue, which was made less than 24 hours before the AGM and made without the council's vote.

Former general secretary Ann-Marie Banton-Clue also questioned the passing of a resolution that led to the changing of the constitution on January 28 while also explaining that she felt the general secretary post was nothing more than a shadow position as she was not allowed to carry out her job as mandated by the constitution.



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