'Tuffy' joins Boys' Town

Voice of former national striker Jermaine "Tuffy" Anderson

Former national striker Jermaine 'Tuffy' Anderson says his decision to return to the Red Stripe is not one motivated by a desire to return to the Reggae Boyz squad or attract overseas attention. Anderson turned up for his first training session with Boys’ Town on Tuesday after two seasons out of top flight football. But the 38 year old says his decision to move to Boys’ Town is aimed at lifting the team from the relegation zone.

“Waterhouse was in a deep situation like this before and we put out the hard work there. Can’t work miracle but I just come here to try and push out the work. Twelve games left so nothing to put out the work and try to bring them,” said the 38 year old Anderson.

Anderson is one of several players on the move in the Red Stripe Premier League during the current winter transfer window.

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