UTech's Director of Sports weighs in on controversial Intercol GPA proposal

Voice of UTech's Director of Sports Anthony Davis

Director of Sports at UTech Anthony Davis believes the controversial issue of removing Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements for intercollegiate sports is not yet over and will be back on the table for discussion for the next school year. After initially announcing the decision to remove GPA requirements for persons to participate intercollegiate sports, the Jamaica Intercollegiate Sports Association has decided to put the move on hold amid widespread reactions.
Noting that UTech is among the institutions against the move, Davis says he anticipates the controverisal decision being pushed again come next season.

“It has not been put to rest. The manner in which it has been circulated or shared with us is unacceptable. The directors were given no time to vote so we never went back to our institutions to speak to people who we report to, to say what are your views? There is strong resistance,” noted Davis.





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