Vigilant steps to be taken regarding weight limitation for Contender Series

General Secretary of the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control (JBBC) Leroy Brown says more vigilant steps will be taken to ensure a limitation in the cases of overweight boxers in the Wray and Nephew Contender Series for the remainder of this year and beyond.

Team Canada's promoter Tyler Buxton issued a warning that his fighters will not participate in the quarter-final round if their Jamaican opponents are overweight. Brown outlined the international guidelines that will be followed. 

“You have a weigh in 30 days before the fight and another weigh-in seven days before the fight. Now when you do that with the 30 day limit you can only weigh 10 percent above the prescribed weight and at seven days you can only weigh five percent above the prescribed weight,” said Brown.

In the final preliminary fight last Wednesday, reports are that Jamaican Fabian Tucker weighed in 14 pounds over the welterweight limit with Canadian Tariq Ishmail. Brown says for the final, it will be totally different.

“You can’t go into a title fight overweight, so when we come to the final there will be no discretion; no penalty for being overweight; for the final you must make the weight,” said Brown. The first quarter-final on Wednesday will see Michael ‘Wasp’ Gardener facing Canadian Dave Leblond.



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