7:42 am, Tue October 25, 2016

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Twitter to cut 350 jobs

Twitter is cutting nine per cent of its workforce, or about 350 jobs, after reporting a sh

2:54 pm, Thu October 27, 2016

JSE Index advances by 1,455 points

In Thursday's trading session, the JSE Index advanced by 1,455 points to close at...

2:49 pm, Thu October 27, 2016

Palace Amusement net profit declines

Palace Amusement said net profit fell to a little more than $16 million for the year endin

2:46 pm, Thu October 27, 2016

Lasco Manufacturing reports increased profits

Lasco Manufacturing is reporting increased profits of $587 million, 18 per cent above the

2:44 pm, Thu October 27, 2016

Vaz leads team to Phillipines on fact finding BPO visit

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of  Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dary

7:39 am, Thu October 27, 2016

Coca-Cola sales decline worldwide

Coca-Cola's global sales slid seven per cent in the three months to September as consumers

3:49 pm, Wed October 26, 2016

Paramount Trading shareholders to vote on stock split at AGM

Paramount Trading says its shareholders will vote on whether to split the company's shares

3:23 pm, Wed October 26, 2016

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