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Cop charged with larceny offered bail

Constable Courtney Afflick of  the St. Elizabeth Police Division was  offered ba

7:19 pm, Tue October 6, 2015

Police continue to probe death of sisters in Clarendon

The Clarendon Police are still searching for clues to the suspect in the murder of  a

7:16 pm, Tue October 6, 2015

Juror in Buju Banton trial found guilty of misconduct

A federal juror in the trial of reggae music star Buju Banton was found guilty of  mi

6:28 pm, Tue October 6, 2015

Jamaicans can stay longer in the Cayman Islands

Jamaicans can now remain in the Cayman Islands for longer periods, following changes to th

4:03 am, Tue October 6, 2015

No buyers for controversial Outameni property

RJR News has been informed that a plan by the National Housing Trust (NHT) to seek bids fo

3:30 am, Tue October 6, 2015

Air Traffic Controllers: Aircraft monitoring failures getting worse

More concern is being raised about the monitoring of  aircraft in the country's

3:21 am, Tue October 6, 2015

Police probe theft of six firearms from Mandeville residence

The Police High Command has ordered a probe into the theft of  six licensed firearms

6:49 pm, Mon October 5, 2015

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