Carreras concerned about increase in illicit cigarettes

Carreras is again raising concern about illicit cigarettes.
In its just released 2017 annual report the company said with the increase in the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on cigarettes, it has observed a proliferation of  illicit cigarettes.
It says this continues threaten the company's volume base, revenues as well inflows to the Government's coffers.
Carreras says while it continues to commend the Government on its  efforts to stem the illicit trade more action is needed.
In the meantime, Carreras says it is willing to consult with the Government on matters such as tobacco taxation, as well as new regulations and policies.
  It says if  these are introduced in an unbalanced form and without consultation with the industry there will be unintended consequences such as fuelling the illicit trade.
  It is recommending enforceable tobacco control regulations designed to protect Government’s revenues and protect the rights of  smokers and  non-smokers.

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