U.C. Rusal expects to be hit hard by effects of COVID-19 crisis

The Russian aluminium company, U.C. Rusal, which owns the Windalco alumina plant in Jamaica, has noted that the coronavirus - COVID-19 crisis is likely to pose significant challenges for it and the wider aluminium market.

The virus is forecast to hamper both production and demand.

Rusal says alumina refining operations in some regions of the People's Republic of  China have already been hampered by hindrances with both the supply of bauxite ore and the shipment of  refined aluminium.

As a result of deteriorating aluminium market fundamentals, analysts say they expect the situation to continue to cause significant difficulties for Rusal in coming months.

Rusal's aluminium production in last year's closing quarter totaled 949,000 metric tons, off by 0.7 per cent.

But sales of aluminium during the three months rose by 1.5 per cent to 1,107 metric tons, with production of  value-added goods rebounding from US sanctions by 3.1 per cent to a total of  443,000 metric tons.

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