Accountability group joins call for CMU president Fritz Pinnock to resign

Jeanette Calder, Executive Director of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal
Executive Director of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal Jeanette Calder, has given support to a call for Dr. Fritz Pinnock, President of the Caribbean Maritime University, to resign in light of allegations of breaches and misuse of public funds involving the Ministry of Education and other agencies.
Ms Calder said, similar to the Prime Minister requesting the resignation of former Education Minister Ruel Reid to prevent possible interference in investigations, the same should be asked of Dr. Pinnock. 
"These are just allegations but it would suggest that there needs to be some consistency... So Mr. Pinnock should indeed, based on the same principle of allowing the investigations to go through unimpeded and unhindered by his presence in the institution, should gracefully and dutifully step aside" she asserted. 
But Ms Calder said Jamaicans have gone beyond accepting resignations as the end to allegations of corruption.
She said Prime Minister's Andrew Holness's perceived quick request of Mr. Reid's resignation compared to the delay in relation to Dr. Andrew Wheatley during the Petrojam scandal suggests that he understands the mood of Jamaicans. 
"The country feels that sanctions need to be applied, which means that if you have stolen, misappropriated funds, broken the rules, you should be put before the courts," she suggested.   
In calling for Dr. Pinnock's resignation on Thursday, the young professional arm of the People's National Party, the Patriots, said the CMU president must be held accountable for failing to protect the institution from being linked to a corruption scheme.
There are reports suggesting that the Ministry of Education hired consultants through the Caribbean Maritime University, including former Jamaica Labour Party Member of Parliament Othneil Lawrence.

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