Aenon Town residents fear more rainfall following recent flooding

Horace Dalley
With the Atlantic hurricane season set to begin on June 1, concern is being raised about the impact of increased rainfall on the community of Aenon Town in Clarendon which was flooded two weeks ago.
A bridge and a sink hole in the area were blocked with bamboo and other debris resulting in major flooding.
But Horace Dalley, Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern, said the area is yet to be cleaned.
He said the National Works Agency has given a commitment that a river cleaning exercise will be conducted next week. 
"The NWA has been down there, they have done their estimates, they have taken their pictures. They know the area very well because it's one of those areas that every year they have to be cleaning it so that the people there are not flooded out," he noted.
However, Mr. Dalley said a comprehensive drainage system is what is needed to prevent Aenon Town from being flooded because cleaning alone is not enough.  
"The truth is, we have done a lot of cleaning but nothing fundamental to change the nature of that flooding zone," he said. 
Meanwhile, the first tropical system for 2018 has formed in the Caribbean.
Alberto, which formed Friday morning, is expected to dump heavy rain on the Yucatan Peninsula, Western Cuba, Florida and the north eastern Gulf Coast this weekend.
Tropical storm watches have been issued in Mexico and Cuba.
Gradual strengthening is forecast for the next 72 hours.

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