Cop charged after being held in stolen motorcar

A police constable who was held in possession of a stolen motor vehicle is now in custody facing criminal charges.
The constable who is assigned to the St. James Police Division, was arrested on Monday after he was found in possession of a stolen Nissan Tida motorcar in Trelawny.
He is now facing a charge of larceny.
It is reported that the vehicle was stolen in the East Kingston area on Sunday.
Contact was made a security company and a tracker placed on the vehicle revealed that it was on the north coast.
The Nissan Tida motor car was intercepted in Trelawny on Monday with the constable as the sole occupant.
The car was searched and a driver's licence belonging to the owner as well as documents for the motorcar bearing her name and other personal items were found. 
It was also observed that the ignition was damaged as well as the area where the alarm system was installed and the radio was missing from the motor car.  
However, when questioned the Constable reportedly told the police that he was asked to pick up the motor car in St. Ann by a friend who he refused to name. 
He was relieved of his licensed Glock pistol and seventeen 17 rounds of ammunition which he had in his possession as well as his cellular phone. 

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