Farmers worried about impact of sliding dollar

Norman Grant
Norman Grant, President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), says farmers are greatly concerned about the impact the depreciation of the Jamaican dollar will have on the price of agricultural inputs, such as fertilizer.
In an interview with RJR News on Friday, Mr. Grant said the government needs to implement the Agricultural Development Fund, proposed by the Association, to support the farmers and stabilise the sector. 
He said the Fund would be financed through a cess on imported foods. 
Mr. Grant has also urged Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw to establish a special committee to examine the impact of the dollar slide and establish measures for cushioning the impact on farmers. 
"The intervention could be in the form of more incentives in terms of input of fertilizer and chemical. It could also be price support, where there is an increase in the price of inputs...," he suggested.                 

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