Floyd Morris appointed Senate President

Senator Floyd Morris was appointed President of the  Senate on Friday morning

The senator, who is visually impaired was elected as president, after Reverend Stanley Redwood left the Upper House last week.

 “The expectations are high and I commit to you that I will preserve the dignity of this office and also pledge that I will do nothing to violate the principles and practices that have been established.

I have to give special thanks and commendation to the most honourable Prime Minister for the confidence she has in me and I’m certain she has endorsed strongly my appointment,” said the newly appointed President.

Jamaica is the second country in the region to appoint a visually impaired Senate President. The President of the Senate in  Barbados  -  Kerry-Ann Ifill is also visually impaired.

In congratulating the new President, members of the Senate on both sides, spoke of his strong advocacy for the disabled and their confidence in his ability to lead them.

The opposition Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Arthur Williams who is leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Morris' appointment, pointing out that it was a historic moment.

“Your manner you style, your sense of decorum and decency ….we welcome you heartedly and we pledge our support” he said.

Senator KD Knight of the ruling People’s National Party spoke of the President's advocacy for the disabled and his contribution in the senate weighing in on many issues.

“But for me your advocacy went beyond, your advocacy was on behalf of all the Jamaican people and I was so pleased this morning as you spoke, the broad way in which you advocate for the people was represented.”

The Combined Disabilities Association has congratulated the new President of the Senate.  The association said his ascension is a historic occasion for the community of persons with disabilities and for Jamaica.

 The Association lauded Morris, for his contribution to the Upper House, as a former Minister of State and as the head of the Centre for Disability Studies. 

It says, it is now looking forward to the full implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the enactment and enforcement of the Disability Bill.



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