Jamaicans linked to major ganja find in Bahamas

Police in the Bahamas are linking Jamaicans to a major ganja find in that Caribbean country.
The Bahamian police seized almost 300 marijuana plants Friday following the discovery of a large cannabis field at the back of a building in Nassau.
Officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit went to the area after receiving a tip.
A report in the Nassau Guadian Newspapers quoted the police as saying, three suspects, two men and a woman, have been taken into custody for questioning.
Two of the suspects are Jamaicans, while one is a Bahamian. It was unclear which gender applied to which nationality.
Police had not estimated the value of the plants on Sunday but said it is clear from the set up that the marijuana operation was a sophisticated one.
The area surrounding the marijuana field was heavily overgrown with weeds and other plants, including okra and mint.
The police theorise the surrounding bushes were likely used to disguise the field.

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