Jamaica's murder figures increase

Data obtained by RJR News revealed that 1,093 people were murdered from January 1 to September 10 this year, or an average four murders daily.
This is 221 more, or a 25.3 per cent increase in murders over the corresponding period last year.
Fifty-four people have been murdered in Jamaica so far this month.
August was the bloodiest month on record with 167 murders.
February recorded the lowest with 86.
A breakdown of the data showed that St. James continues to be a major challenge for the authorities with 205 murders recorded, up from 172 in 2016.
Another parish of concern is Clarendon. There have been 113 murders in the parish since January 1.
Westmoreland is next with 101, followed by St. Andrew South with 100 and St. Catherine North, 91.
Other divisions grappling with an increase in murders are St. Catherine South - 73, Kingston Western - 71, St. Andrew North - 43 and Hanover - 47.

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