KSAMC ordered to put Constant Spring market demolition on hold

Attorney Bert Samuels
The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) has been ordered to put on hold the planned demolition of the Constant Spring market as part of the government's road improvement project.
Supreme Court judge, Justice David Batts, made the order Friday afternoon after lawyers for vendors at the market filed a suit seeking an injunction to stop the demolition.
The vendors had been given notice to evacuate the market by Friday.
Lead attorney Bert Samuels told RJR News that the hearing into the application, which commenced Friday afternoon, is to continue next week Thursday, and that no action should be taken with regards to the market until after the matter is heard. 
Mr. Samuels said the vendors are determined to challenge the short notice given to them to vacate the market.
They also want permission to sell on lands adjacent the property. 
Plans were announced last year to demolish the market to facilitate the expansion of Constant Spring Road.

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