More indigent houses being built for poor Jamaicans

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie has announced that more indigent houses will be built this fiscal year as part of several interventions planned by the government to benefit destitute Jamaicans. 
Mr. McKenzie, who made the announcement in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, said 28 indigent houses will be built at a cost of $52 million. 
He said his ministry will also be continuing improvement works on infirmaries islandwide, which now house 1,405 residents. 
These works will be done at a cost of $200 million through a partnership with the National Housing Trust. 
In addition, Mr. McKenzie said the ministry will be partnering with the Ministry of Health, to construct 10 double units at the St. Ann, St. James, Manchester and St. Catherine infirmaries, to address the needs of social cases in hospitals.
He noted that the government is also in the process of erecting additional drop-in centres to assess, feed, treat, counsel and otherwise care for homeless citizens. 

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