Police concerned about changes governing resignation from the Force

There is major disquiet in the ranks of the police force regarding a recent amendment to the Constabulary Force Act governing the issue of resignation.
According to recently issued force orders, sub-officers and constables are now being required to give six months notice of intention to resign.
It says an amendment of Section 5 of the Constabulary Force Act now requires sub-officers and constables to serve the five year enlistment period and cannot resign until then.
However, if resignation is being contemplated, six months notice is required failing which the officer could be convicted in court and face a fine of $250,000 or serve three months in prison.
According to the Force Orders, the JCF is trying to halt the disruption of formations due to what it says is the sudden loss of specialists who are not easily replaced.
It says it is also concerned about officers leaving without making adequate provision for the continuation of cases.
According to the police, it cannot plan how to retain officers because in most instances, exit interviews are not conducted.
According to the JCF, permission to resign will be determined on the merit of each case.

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