Police still searching for woman who left four year old son unattended

A report from RJR reporter Nick Dawkins
The police are searching for a woman who reportedly left her four year old son unsupervised on several occassions at their home in Rivoli, St. Catherine. 
Residents claim the child has down syndrome, which is a birth defect that causes mental retardation.
A resident, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed the child was left unattended for days by his mother.
"Years this been going on officer, this little infant alone, nights upon nights, hungry a kill him. Take him now! Full time!" she exclaimed. 
Another resident, who also did not provide a name, said others had to take care of the boy. 
"If she (the mother) here in the day she might gi him sup'm fi eat. My mother is normally the one who would assist with him, so whenever time he get constant food to eat is when my mother come and take him over. But my mother really can't manage so we need the government fi step in; they definitely need to take him,' she said.
The residents said they have tried to contact the authorities to help but encountered challenges. 
"I called 119 about a month ago," said the second woman. "(Police) came here, they talk with us, they say they cannot take the child because they don't have nowhere to put the child - is really CDA we're supposed to call. Since then, I been calling CDA to come and take the child...unsuccessful," she lamented. 
The child is now in state custody.  
Efforts by RJR News to get a comment from the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) were unsuccessful. 

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