Preliminary report released on bridge collapse at Florida university

A report from WPLG News in Florida
Two months after six persons, including a Jamaican, died following the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a preliminary report on the investigation.
The 174-foot-long bridge collapsed, falling about 18.5 feet.
WPLG News in Florida has reported that NTSB is looking into the design of the bridge, the construction process, along with the construction materials that were used. 
The emergency of cracks on both ends of the bridge is also a concern, with the most scrutiny being placed on cracks at the north end of the bridge on a beam that connected the bridge deck to the canopy. 
The report said when the bridge collapsed, a construction crew had been working on retensioning the north end of the bridge.
According to WPLG News, the NTSB said all aspects of the collapse remain under investigation.

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