Residents fearful for man in custody who bit policeman's ear

Carol, a resident of Good Hope in Negril, Westmoreland
The family of Adrian Creed, the man who allegedly bit off a piece off a policeman's ear, have expressed fear that he will be harmed while in police custody. 
His family and friends staged a protest in-front of the Negril Police station on the weekend calling for justice. 
They say Creed has been in custody since October 7, without charge. 
The protesters claimed he has not been given proper medical treatment after he allegedly received injuries while being detained by the police two Saturdays ago. 
The residents of Good Hope say they will continue to protest until their grouses are addressed by the authorities. They contend that the detained is a decent and hardworking man who is being unfairly treated. 
When the Negril Police was contacted for a comment RJR News was told that the matter is being investigated by INDECOM.

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