Strict bail conditions imposed on attorney Jennifer Messado

Attorney Christopher Townsend
Strict bail conditions have been imposed on high profile Real Estate attorney Jennifer Messado who was granted bail in the Corporate Area Criminal court Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs Messado was granted an $800,000 bail with surety and with strict conditions when she appeared in the St. Andrew Parish Court.
As part of the bail condition, Mrs Messado was ordered not to leave her home before 6 o'clock each morning and to return home by 6 o'clock in the evening.
She was also ordered to surrender her travel documents and to report to the Constant Spring police station daily.
Her fingerprints will also be taken.
Her co-accused, real estate broker Beverly Barakat, was granted bail in the sum of $50,000 with surety.
Christopher Townsend, the attorney representing Mrs Messado, said he is happy that the bail application was approved.
"As like with any charges that are brought before the court, we take the first opportunity to make a bail application and we did so in this case, and we were successful; the judge agreed with our submissions," he asserted.  
The Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) on Tuesday confirmed RJR's report that it is looking into other complaints against Mrs Messado.
C-TOC opposed bail for Mrs Messado in court on Tuesday on the basis that it might compromise its investigation into other matters.
However, attorney Christopher Townsend said enough information was provided by C-TOC in relation to the allegations and should not be a basis to deny bail for his client.
Asked about the allegations following the court session, Mr. Townsend told RJR News that his team would respond "at the appropriate time" but for now, he could not "make any further comment on it." 

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