Three accused of robbing mini-mart in St. James held in custody

Three of four men accused of robbing a mini-mart on Union Street in Montego Bay, St. James last week Monday have been taken into custody.
They were held during a raid at a guest house in Montego Bay Wednesday morning.
They were identified from CCTV footage.
The supermarket's cameras captured the unmasked men entering the business place.
Two of them were armed with guns.
Prior to that, a fourth unmasked man who acted as a scout, was seen inside the mini-mart speaking on a cellphone before going to the door and calling in his cronies.
One of the men accosted the watchman at the door, first hitting him in the face with the pistol, then dragging him further into the store.
They then demanded valuables and cash from the cashiers, while unsuspecting customers enter and exit the establishment.

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