Transport Authority route inspectors on sick-out

NWU Vice President Arthur Grant
The majority of route inspectors employed to the Transport Authority are now on sick-out.
According to the National Workers Union (NWU), 85 per cent of the employees did not show up for duties. 
Only six reported for work.
NWU Vice President Arthur Grant said the inspectors are upset about how their wage claim is being handled.
He told RJR News that the claim for 2017/2019 was submitted last year.
"What we have been told is that the management is awaiting guidance from the Ministry of Finance. The workers would have only received a five per cent salary in advance for the 2017 period. They have not gotten any increase for 2018," he outlined.
They are also upset about other matters surrounding various allowances. 
It is reported that the protest by the route inspectors has affected operations which were scheduled for Monday as well as cases due to be mentioned in court. 

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