UK Home Secretary apologises for treatment of residents threatened with deportation

Home Secretary Amber Rudd and UK Labour Party member David Lammy
United Kingdom Home Secretary Amber Rudd has apologised for the treatment of the Windrush generation, which includes persons from Jamaica, saying it was wrong and appalling that some face deportation.
Windrush generation refers to thousands of people who arrived in the UK as children in the first wave of Commonwealth immigration 70 years ago.
Under the 1971 Immigration Act, all Commonwealth citizens living in the UK at that time were given indefinite leave to remain.
The Home Office did not keep a record of those granted leave to remain or issue any paperwork confirming it, meaning it is difficult for the individuals to now prove they are in the UK legally.
This has resulted in many long-term immigrants fearing for their future, having been told they are in the UK illegally.
But on Monday, Ms Rudd said she admired the people of the Caribbean who came to the UK and "contributed so much to our society in many, many different ways" and she was troubled that "the Home Office has become too concerned with policy and strategy" and has sometimes lost sight of the individual.
She said her department will help persons obtain the required naturalisation documents for free. 
National shame 
David Lammy, Labour Party Member in the UK, said it was a day of national shame.
Mr. Lammy, whose parents arrived in the UK from Guyana, described himself as a proud son of the Windrush.
Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Lammy blasted Home Secretary Rudd, noting that this situation came about because of a "hostile environment policy that was begun under her minister" and under her watch. 
He also expressed frustration and disappointment that Ms Rudd did not know the number of people who will be affected by the policy despite her being in charge of the department responsible for the threats of deportation. 

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