New executive in place at Arnett Gardens FC

Voice of Arnett Gardens' Club Chairman Mark Golding

After a year of trying to take control of the Arnett Gardens Football Club, Member of Parliament Mark Golding has finally got his way. With outgoing president Patrick Roberts calling it a day, Golding was able to put in place his new executive to take the club forward.

“The new president of the club is Mr Chris Bicknell who has a long association with the club and has been very supportive of the club over the years and was a former vice-chairman of the club. We will have a new General Manager, Mr Peter Thelwell who has been running the club, infact defacto since March; we have two vice chairmen, Mr Chris Marshall and Mr Derrick Crooks; one will be dealing with physical plant and infrastructure; the other will be dealing with football development and we have a treasurer Mr Patrick Rose and a secretary, Mrs Sophia Fraser-Binns. All good things must come to an end and I appreciate the work that has been done over the years by everybody who has contributed to the club,” said Golding.

The club's position was stated to the players at Saturday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Iris Gelly School. According to Golding, the change came a bit late as the uncertainty at the club affected the players. There is no place for the old guard with the exception of George Phang who remains in his role as team manager.

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